Eat, Drink and Stroll!
Enjoy your afternoon in the delicious city of Sapporo.

What’s “Sapporo Afternoon”?

“Sapporo Afternoon” is a walk-and-eat event where you can enjoy drink and food in unique restaurants that are so Sapporo in bright afternoon before sunset. Take “Bono-Afternoon“, a set of 4 tickets to the member restaurants. You can enjoy 1 glass of drink and a small portion of food for 1 ticket. The tickets may be sold out. Please do not miss the chance to get it!

How to enjoy the “Afternoon”?

1.Check the member restaurants and its corresponding date & time available on the “Sapporo Afternon Map”.
 * You can use tickets only in days & time available of each restaurant.
 * Please be aware that it might not be possible to enter to a restaurant due to occupancy etc.

2.Show your ticket to the staff first when you enter the restaurant.

3.Enjoy a drink and an afternoon food by a ticket.

4.Please shorten your stay when the restaurant gets crowded, and give seats to the others.

5.Tickets can be used only once per person in the same restaurant.
 *Tickets are available to share with two or more people.

6.Never drive when you drink. It's prohibited by law.